1. How can I open trading account?
                            2. Where can I find the information about listed stock?
                            3. How much money enough for me to open account and trade?
                            4. What is the standard and procedure for company submits listed documents?
                            5. What is clearing?
                            6. What is settlement?
                            7. What is depository?
                            8. What is transfer agent service?
                            9. What is basic trading procedure?
                            10. What is the trading procedure ?
                            11. How many fee the investors have to pay for trading?
                            12. How about the tax the investors have to pay?
                            13. Where can I find the general rules and regulation about Lao Stock Market?
                            14. I want to invest to stock market, but I am afraid of losing. Do I have any way to invest without any lost?
                            15. For the beginner to invest to stock market, how much money should I invest in?
                            16. What is the liquidity of the stock?
                            17. How can I buy IPO share?
                            18. How many listed companies currently ?
                            19. How many Securities Companies in Laos currently?
                            20.  How many Stock Markets in Laos currently ?