We are a member of LSX providing Securities brokerage services for local and foreign investors. We are aiming to extend our customer base through our worldwide networks. Before trading the Securities you shall practice the following step:

                    ♦    Opening a bank account at Lao Development Bank;
                    ♦    Opening Securities account at Lanexang Securities Public Company;
                    ♦    Depositing cash into the bank account then transfer to Securities account;
                    ♦    Servicing in Securities trading;
                    ♦    Informing investors the trading result;
                    ♦    Facilitating local and foreign investors in transferring of funds back to their accounts;
                    ♦    Updating daily, weekly and monthly trading summary.
                    ♦    Providing listed companies’ information to investors from time to time.



We are capable of providing a full range of financial advisory services, including: 

                    ♦    Provide FA service for those companies wishing to be listed on Lao Securities Exchange;
                    ♦    Provide equitization advisory for state or private companies;
                    ♦    Provide advisory for equity market such as: IPO, PO, RO and PP;
                    ♦    Provide advisory for debt market such as: Issuing the bond of state and private companies;
                    ♦    Provide M&A advisory service;
                    ♦    Corporate restructuring advisory service;
                    ♦    Coaching for the readiness of companies to be issued the securities.



We provide underwriting service for equity and debt market issued by state or private companies at the primary market with 2 options: 



                    ♦    Firm Commitment: in case the Securities offering of the issuer cannot sell to public in full, we will subscribe for the rest of Securities; and
                    ♦    Best Efforts: we promise to make a full-fledge attempt to sell as much of Securities offering, but shall not has obligation to subscribe for the remaining Securities.